Introduction guide - New Members must read!

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Introduction guide - New Members must read!

Post by Vesper on Tue May 29, 2012 12:01 am

We (GridMaster leader team) uphold our forum as our base of operations, we expect new members to be active on the forums and participate in topics.

Your first topic should be an introduction, use the form below and post your introduction. As soon as a leader see's your introduction post he will open the forums to you and update your rank to rookie. After this we expect you to get familiar with the forums and possibly sign yourself up for the various events!


A-spec level:

B-spec level:

Highest license:

Favourite cars:

Favourite track:

Have a mic?:

Wheel or dual shock:


Location (NA, EU...):

Hours you play per week:

How active can you be on the forums?:

Do you agree to follow forum rules?:

Do you agree to attend at least 2 events a month?:

New members that have not introduced themselfs won't be able to see the forums, if there is no response from a new member within the same week as the registration the account will be deleted and he/she has to re-apply. Make this your first priority!


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