Your gt5 clan needs YOU!!!

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Your gt5 clan needs YOU!!!

Post by Dman on Thu May 31, 2012 3:28 pm

Right guys here we are and its time to get to the nitty gritty, we are a clan/community, we have a website, we have time trials and race weekends, we have people who are willing to put the time/effort into this. Now we need to focus on recruitment. Its not going to be easy especially since we are late in the gt5 scene basically all the drivers wanting to be in a clan already are. This means we need to focus on people who are new to the game (they do exist). We need to stop hiding away on private lobbies (guilty) and start branching out. If you see a server with n00bs welcome or n00b practice in the title make sure you get in there for a few races (don't stomp them) and make a point of us welcoming all skill ranges. Myself and Vesper have had a few discussions on ways and systems that uses members to train those who need an extra hand and hopefully we should get something sorted in the near future, any ideas post below. A lot of people who are looking for clans in gt5 will use google or gt5 forums. I'm working on the google side of things but if you fancy yourself some points just google "gt5 clan" every now and again and respond to questions of people wanting to join clans posting a link, a brief intro to who we are and what we do and your name as a reference. Simples.


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